Ziva Cafe

Ziva Café

Full Branding Project

Ziva Cafe

  • 2 years

  • Branding Design

Beda Zayed, Abu Dhabi.

Ziva café is a coffe shop, was located in Bida Zayed, and recently in HCT al Ain. We handle the management of the coffee with all aspects starting from:

  • The branding by clarifying the café mission, vision and core, values; to the name and logo reflecting the café identity
  • Visual aesthetics by creating a pleasing aesthetic across the physical space, menu design and developing a unique selling proposition, giving a speciality to the coffee, a unique menu item, with specific ambiance

Finally hiring a skilled team of employees, developing a menu to target the audience and regularly review and update the menu based on customer feedback and market trends tracking the cafe finances by monitoring revenue, expenses and profit margin

Ziva Branding 1

Project design & implementation

Ziva Cafe is a cafe shop located in Beda Zayed in Abu Dhabi. We started this project from the brand identity, our team are still working on it to develop all the items related to the project.


Logo Creation


Brand Style Guides


Color Palette

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