Munuruna Munuruna Social Media Marketing Munuruna bender 8 months Social Media Marketing Social media is a powerful tool for lighting companies. The strategy was related to: High-quality photos and videos to show the company products with various settings such as homes, offices and outdoor spaces. Create informative and engaging captions for the posts Long-lasting relation […]

Qdeemk Ndeemk Qdeemk Ndeemk Social Media Marketing Qdeemk Ndeemk bender 8 months Social Media Marketing The project was related to social media management projects that involves creating and executing a digital marketing plan to promote the brand for the café, and also related to social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and others. We managed […]

Ataa Watan Ataa Watan Event Ataa Watan bender 8 months Social Media Marketing This project related to social media marketing plays a vital role in promoting the work of a volunteering organisation, and raising awareness about its mission. The strategy was mainly focused on below points: Determine the specific objectives we need to help Ataa […]

Al Nawras Al-Nawras Water Solutions Social Media Marketing Al-Nawras Water Solutions bender 8 months Social Media Marketing Engagements posts in social media related to company’s Water solutions such as, water purifications systems, water treatment chemicals, filters and other related offerings.

Mad Store Mad Store Social Media Marketing Mad Store Mad Store 8 months Social Media Marketing Dubai, UAE Creative and informative posts showing the products in various ways such as usage, durability and software functionality: for mobiles and laptops, phone cases, screen protectors, chargers, headphones, power banks, cables, stands, holders, keyboard. In addition, create a […]

An emerging Emirati training center that leads you to the areas of vocational training required in the labor market in line with the UAE’s vision for the next fifty years and offers a variety of training courses.

Ziva Cafe is a cafe shop located in Beda Zayed in Abu Dhabi. We started this project from the brand identity, our team are still working on it to develop all the items related to the project.

Plus One Group is the leading company in the field of accounting.
With the accounting system and permanent support for institutions to raise their efficiency by providing the highest level of accounting services, financial and administrative consulting, and transferring our experience over the years of diligent work in the field of accounting services with major companies within the United Arab Emirates.

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